Southwire Process

Southwire continuous rod (SCR) process is a leading Technology for copper rod manufacturing with more than100 installations across the globe.

It is state of the art burner system which offers energy efficient silent melting of copper in a tall vertical shaft furnace. Casting machine offers user friendly operation while ensuring complete solidification, thus avoiding gaseous entrapments. Impurities are scavenged out with intelligent oxygen control. The 10-16 stand hot rolling reduces copper section by more than 100 times to achieve fine grains, homogenous micro structure with best combination of mechanical and metallurgical properties.


  • In-line wire drawing for Magnet wire
  • Suitable for high speed multiwire drawing
  • Smooth & Bright surface
  • Low bending radius application

Product Available

  • 8 mm Continuous Cast Rod


  • HV, MV & LT Power & control cable application
  • Aerial Bunch cable
  • Fine and superfine magnet wire
  • Conductors for transformer and generator