Logistics & Ware Housing

Metrod works closely with customers to integrate into their supply chain using multimodal logistic services, with unique combination of experience, service and technology that gives cost effectiveness, high degree of reliability, security and peace of mind.

Metrod engages with various shipping lines to take the products to many countries across Asia. To ensure long shelf life, Metrod uses highly robust seaworthy packaging. It continues to innovate its packaging to reduce environmental impacts and improve sustainability.

Customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia & India etc, rely on Metrod for Just-in-time deliveries to its own plants or OEMs. Metrod’s ever expanding warehouses network in geographically large countries e.g. India, take away the uncertainties of long-distance shipments and costs associated with high in-transit inventory.

Metrod’s logistic team are highly experienced and regularly trained to take up the challenging role of skilfully planning the product distribution and manage the unforeseen circumstances.

Metrod uses GPS auto tracking system for surface transport to trace the vehicle all the time and uses effective scheduling and time management to ensure customers receive their goods on time in line with their production plan.