Copper Strip

Insulated Strip

Attributes Specified values for Insulated Strip
Copper grade C10200 (ASTM) / C1020 (JIS)
Copper content 99.95% Minimum
Oxygen content 10 ppm Maximum
Size range:
Width 4- 24mm
Thickness 1 – 16mm
Cross sectional area 180 mm² Maximum
Width – Thichness aspect ratio 2:3 to 12:1
Condition Soft or Semi Hard
Tolerance on diameter & Corner radius As per IEC 60317-27 or equivalent
Electrical conductivity
(IACS @ 20° C)
100 % Minimum
Tensile strength (Soft) 210 – 250 N/mm²/250 N/mm²
Yield Stress (0.2%) (Soft) 70 – 95 N/mm²
Elongation at fracture
(50 mm gauge length)
35 % Minimum
Surface condition Clean, smooth
Insulation material Electrical grade Kraft paper including thermally stabilised, calendared crepe as per IEC 554-3, NOMEX, epoxy dotted and Mica
Conductor Configuration Single, twin, triple
Paper Winding configuration Butt, Overlap, Interleaved or combinations
Waxing winding configuration If requested
Packaging In wooden spools duly palletised, Sea worthy packaging on wooden pallet
Coil weight Up to 1.2 MT/spool
Special requirements As per mutual agreement
Tensile strength (Semi Hard) 220 – 320 N/mm²
Proof stress (0.2%) Cold worked Up to 180 N/mm² Nominal