DIP Form Process

When copper rod with clean shaven surface is passed through a molten copper bath, copper accretes around the cold rod and emerges from the bath with a larger diameter. This rod is hot rolled in a controlled atmosphere.


  • Oxygen free copper
  • Absence of shrinkage cavities and central piping
  • Excellent drawability to very fine sizes
  • Smooth and bright surface condition
  • High conductivity
  • Excellent resistance to hydrogen embrittlement
  • Excellent drawability in high speed Multiwire drawing line

Product Available

  • 8 mm Continuous Cast Rod
  • 10 mm Continuous Cast Rod
  • 14 mm Continuous Cast Rod


  • E-Motors for electric vehicles
  • Hairpin coil in stator
  • Round & Rectangular Magnet wire
  • Fine wire drawing
  • Rectangular signal cable