Magnet Wire

Round Magnet Wire

Metrod is a major supplier of copper rod & wire for manufacturing of enameled copper wire which is also commonly referred as winding wire or magnet wire.

Enameled wires made from Copper wire produced by Metrod have wide range of applications as magnetic coils inside motors, generators, alternators, transformers, ballast; as degaussing coil inside television; as stranded litz wire in deflecting yokes etc.

Metrod’s copper can be drawn into fine & superfine sizes. Excellent surface quality, coupled with good mechanical strength and elongation of its copper wire ensure excellent results with breaks per Kg for fine & superfine wire drawing and HV counts during enameling process.

Flat Magnet Wire

The magnet wire is used in electric motor to develop high magnetic field where the intensity depends on the no. of turns of copper wire.

Metrod’s high conductivity copper is best suited for this application and plays a major role in covering the space factor in the stator design. Further low oxygen copper always avoids the surface oxide formation and helps to have a better adherence with the enamel coating and hence the longer life. The low oxygen copper develops no copper dust during fine wire drawing process and helps to survive during the operation in high voltage electrical field.

  • Highest current carr ying capacity
  • High ductility results fine wire drawing
  • Suitable for tandem application
  • Low heat build up
  • Excellent low bending radius application