Copper Wire

Tincan Welding Wire

Attributes Specified values
Copper grade C11000 / C10200 (ASTM) / C1020 (JIS)
Copper content 99.90 % Minimum
Oxygen content 450 ppm Maximum
Diameter 1.20 – 1.50 mm
Tolerance +0.00 – 0.04 mm
Density 8.89 gm/cc (Min)
Condition Semi hard
Electrical conductivity
(IACS @ 20° C)
100 % Minimum
Tensile strength 280 N/mm² max
(200 mm gauge length)
22 – 28%
Surface condition Smooth, Clean and free from scratches
Packaging In cardboard drums with sea worthy packing
Coil weight Up to 2.5 MT
Other requirements On mutual agreement
Note: Special tolerance on wire diameter can be mutually agreed.

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