Wire & Cables

Wire & Cable manufacturing with Metrod’s copper is highly beneficial due to its high purity and high electrical conductivity.

The electrical conductivity though decreases during the initial wire drawing process but this regains subsequently during annealing process due to high recrystallisation temperature. The electrical and mechanical properties are retained due to high plastic deformation during the fine wire drawing process. The excellent ductility of Metrod’s copper facilitates high speed wire drawing in multiwire drawing machine as well as stranding, bunching, transposing, shielding and tinning.

  • Excellent drawability
  • Highest conductivity
  • High thermal stability
  • Bright surface

Our Oxygen free copper comes with high conductivity and is highly suitable for instrumentation cable especially audio and video cable.

Major applications include:

  • Power Cables
  • Housing & building wire
  • Flexible Cables
  • Cables for Oil & gas industry
  • Control & instrumentation Cables
  • Telecommunication Cables
  • Automotive Cable harness
  • Fire resistant Cables
  • Elevator Cables
  • Computer & Network Cables