Copper Rod

Electrolytic Tough Pitch Rod

Attributes Specified values for ETP Copper
Copper content 99.90 %
Oxygen content 200 – 450 ppm
Copper grade C11000 / C11040 (ASTM) / C1100 (JIS) / T2 (China)
Condition Soft
Copper Rod Size 8±0.38 mm
Electrical conductivity
(IACS @ 20° C)
100 % Minimum
Tensile strength 200 N/mm
Elongation at fracture
(250 mm gauge length)
30 %
Surface condition Clean, smooth and free from scratches & crack
Packaging in coils:
Internal diameter 800 ± 50 mm
Outer diameter 1600 ± 100 mm
Sea worthy packing on wooden pallet
Coil weight Up to 5.0 MT
Other requirements On mutual agreement

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