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Oxygen Free Copper

Oxygen free copper has very good electrical and thermal conductivities, high re-crystallisation temperature and good workability.  In Metrod, it is manufactured by directly converting LME Grade ‘A’ Cathode (99.9% Pure) by induction melting under reducing atmosphere.

In copper, chemistry is one of the most important variables needed for the establishment of high electrical conductivity.  In oxygen free copper, due to the presence of very small amount of extraneous elements especially low oxygen, the elemental properties of copper are brought forth to a greater degree.

When the oxygen free copper rod is subjected to high temperature under reducing atmosphere, due to the presence of very low oxygen the steam formation due to the reaction between oxygen and hydrogen is very minimal thus avoiding formation of voids.  Also, the potential for the release of oxygen (and / or other impurities) causing undesirable chemical reactions with other materials in the local environment is highly minimized. Oxygen free copper conforms to the requirement of hydrogen embrittlement testing.

Thus oxygen free copper finds its application mainly in plasma deposition, semi conductors and superconductors, in high vacuum devises such as particle accelerators, high end audio devices etc.
Continuous Extrusion