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Magnet Wire
Round Magnet Wire

Metrod is a major supplier copper rod & wire for manufacturing of enameled copper wire which is also commonly referred as winding wire or magnet wire.

Enameled wires made from Oxygen Free Copper wire produced by Metrod have wide range of applications as magnetic coils inside motors, generators, alternators, transformers, ballast; as degaussing coil inside television; as stranded litz wire in deflecting yokes etc.

Metrod’s copper can be drawn into fine & superfine sizes. Excellent surface quality, coupled good mechanical strength and elongation of its copper wire ensure excellent results with breaks per Kg for fine & superfine drawing and HV counts at enameling process.

Flat Magnet Wire

Metrod copper rod & wire is also used for manufacturing enameled rectangular wire for distribution transformers, continuously transposed conductors for large power transformers, glass yarn covered enameled conductors for large generators, insulated rectangular conductors for various electrical rotating machineries; kapton coated conductors for traction motors etc.

Metrod’s Oxygen Free copper is perfectly suited for special applications in hydrogen rich atmosphere e.g. TIG welding. Its Copper wire is used to make enameled rectangular wire that goes into alternators & motors for conventional & Hybrid cars.

Welding Wire
Lightning Protection